My major is business so I chose to reference a book, journal article, and online news article based on economics and business

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Open Sources

An Open Sources are defined as a program where the source code is free for the general public to use.With this, people are able to download many different software out there for free and modify it in any way they desire. It is designed as a way to contribute many different features to any operating system. Although it may sound similar, Open Sources are not the same thing as free software. Unlike free software, open sources have the possibility of having restrictive licenses but for the most part are a lot more loose than free software. Someone who supports Open sources would be impressed if someone were able to make an improvement to a specific program and would want to know how they did it and try to replicate it and possibly sell it for money. Someone who supports free software would turn down this offer because they only believe in having free programs and are opposed to selling it for any kind of profit.

Net Neutrality

Net Neutrality is the principle that allows a free and open internet to all its users. It exists primarily to expand opportunity for any type of application that may be posted on the internet and to prevent any level of discrimination between any type of website. Overall it protects the internet and keeps it running smoothly and efficiently. The internet nowadays is our main source of information whether it be sports,politics,national and public news as well as daily economics. Information is transported almost every second of every day faster than ever because of Net Neutrality. There are some legislation’s known as PIPA ( Protect IP Act) and SOPA( Stop Online Piracy Act) previously challenged Net Neutrality where they supporters believe that the internet should be highly regulated by the government in order to prevent illegal downloads and pirating in order to protect copyrighted material. Although they have great intentions in protecting copyrights, their acts of regulating the internet would violate our freedom of speech and would be highly costly to hire people to constantly monitor what gets posted online everyday. Therefore, it is a good thing that PIPA and SOPA did not succeed in their attempt because if they did, our nation would never be able to develop because of the limitations that would be placed on our freedom to have access to all kinds of different sites that provide us with endless information.

Edward Snowden

Edward Snowden was a computer specialist who had worked for the CIA and the NSA of the United States. He studied Computing at Maryland Community College where he worked for the NSA as a security guard at the university. He became labeled as a Whistle blower because of his act of leaking private details to the press. He is now labeled as one of Americas biggest leakers of all time for his actions His reasoning behind leaking those details was his belief that the public has the right to know the acts of its government in terms of privacy protection where the Government has almost an unlimited access to all of our information in terms of conversations. Snowden was immediately recognized by the United States as a fugitive. As a result Snowden fled to Hong kong and gained access to an asylum in Russia. Even though this was the case, Snowden wanted to fly from Moscow to Havana shortly after arriving in Hong Kong where he was denied a flight because of Cuba’s recognition of Snowdens actions where they want to place Snowden on a trial on espionage charges.

 The Revelations that Snowen made about the NSA makes me question the ethics behind the government in terms of privacy. The fact that they have all this access to our privacy can almost be considered an invasion of privacy where the public’s information can easily be tracked by a third party even if it is not detrimental to the United States National Security. Snowden took a step that most people would be afraid to take, and that is letting the people know what they deserve to know which is the actions of the government that they have placed their trust in. Unfortunately, Snowden was looked down upon by the media for doing such a thing but will forever be remembered for his action by the public as courageous and brave.