Outsourcing is a practice that is done by many companies by transferring portions of work to other nations to work instead of having them complete the work internally. The reasoning behind this action is to save money in the long run in order to produce an effective product. With this being said I stand on the position of outsourcing as a great thing. All companies should be looking for ways to produce great products while lowering the amount of costs as much as possible. You also won’t have to deal with as much risk if your employees are being utilized externally instead of internally which is a benefit to management when they are making long term decision. In terms of the workforce, if you outsource workers to a different country, then you will be able to minimize your internal workforce which will cause a long term effect of job efficiency and a closer sense of unity within the employees. Outsourcing to a country in a different time zone would result in a 24 hour productivity level because those employees would be working while the workers in the United States are not and vice versa thus further increasing productivity.

            With all these advantages, there is bound to be some disadvantages and costs to outsourcing. From my perspective, I was referring to those benefits as in the perspective of the business owner seeing this as a great alternative to saving money. If I were the person being outsourced to a different country for example India, I probably wouldn’t be a fan of it because I would have to leave all my family and friends behind to work internationally. On the other hand, working internationally could be seen as a great experience to learn about another culture. On the TV show Outsourced, the main character is outsourced to India as a manager and struggles to adjust to the culture there, but meets someone who is from another country who helps him adjust. In this example, outsourcing worked well in his favor, for other people it may not where families will be broken up, and some people may not adjust nicely to different environments. With all this said, outsourcing is not meaningless to me because it is a major factor in the business world which will hopefully be my future profession. It is a strategy used by most businesses worldwide and has its benefits and costs to it and is most certainly not meaningless to the United States because companies outsource their workers to India in order to save money whether the workers are all for it or against it. With the state of the economy, it isn’t surprising that most U.S companies would take these kinds of alternatives to reduce costs and increase benefits. Although there are some costs to this alternative, I think it is a great experience for not only the company, but for workers everywhere to give them a taste of what it is like to work internationally and almost every worker should gain that experience in the future.