Google Glasses were originally devised to make life easier through the eyes of the public. For a price of $1,500, it has a lot of benefits to it which includes a navigation system which displays the map of the area which you are located in so that you won’t have to use any other device that you own which may in fact kill the battery life of any smartphone. Another great feature of this device is the ability to receive and view emails/text messages from other people. In order to do this, all that would be needed is to look up after hearing the email/text alert and you can read the email/text easily while on the go and you can even reply to it with the voice recognition. Since it is a device made by Google, it can do basic Google searches which include the weather, and basic searches. It also allows the user to make a schedule of activities they have to do in the future. It also has a 16 GB memory space that doesn’t allow external memory but doesn’t seem to be necessary with that much memory. The power button is easily accessible and the speakers are placed right where your ear is so that you can hear things and say things through the glasses effectively.

Although Google Glasses may have many advantages, it also has its disadvantages. Although there are many features on Google Glasses, it can’t search web pages which can be seen as a high inconvenience for some people. So even though it is a very expensive device, it still sets limitations on the things you can do. Google Glasses cannot be used as a substitute for a smartphone because there are things you can do with a smartphone that you can’t do with Google Glasses like search web pages  In my opinion, the voice recognition system would seem like a cool thing if it didn’t look like you were talking to yourself like this guy does in public. Some people may look that as a cool thing while I view it as an odd activity where people may judge me thinking I am talking to myself in public. I am also not a fan of how easily the glasses can detect where a person is because that can be a privacy issue in terms of surveillance by using the map features to check into certain places. Another main issue is privacy because the glasses make it obvious that you’re using the recording something which as stated in the video may be an issue in certain places such as the bathroom, or a movie theater.

Most people would see the Google Glasses as an evolutionary step forward because it symbolizes one of much great advancement in technology throughout the generation where you can access all applications such voice calls, locations, and camera simply by talking to the glasses. In my opinion, it is only making people more reliant towards technology than before which is shifting us into the wrong direction in the long run. Although advancements in society are considered to be a great thing, there comes to a point where people take advantage of these advancements and depend on them to the extent where they cannot function without them. Google Glasses are a very useful device on terms of having accessibility to camera features and texting features hands free which are the same features a phone can have. The only problem is that it has more disadvantages than advantages for such a high price of $1,500 where the public is being brainwashed into thinking that a device like this is actually worth this kind of money. The glasses can do the same things that a regular smartphone can do but unfortunately some people feel like they have to have the newest device on the market so they will buy it even though some of the features aren’t even necessary especially on someone’s face. I hope that people in the future will come to realize that some advancements in technology just aren’t worth investing in, and to not be as dependent on these advancements as they are nowadays because like people say we will be so dependent on technology that we will fail to use our brains.