Currently, I am a junior accounting student at the University at Albany where I hope to obtain my bachelors and hopefully a master’s degree to become a CPA. Becoming a CPA will open up many doors for me within the corporate world, and will be a safe and stable job in the future. The ability to master finances for not only me, but for other people is in my opinion one of the greatest services that can be done. In the future, I aspire to be a public accountant working in Advisory where I would network with business owners all over the nation teaching them the most effective ways to keep their businesses running financially.

             I come from a long family line of businessmen which includes accounting, finance, real estate, and marketing. They taught me growing up how important it is to have a business degree especially since business is included in every field out there. Business is something that can never be avoided and is something that everyone should have a feel for no matter what their field is. As an adolescent, I was always interested in the business world mostly pertaining to the foundation of how money is distributed throughout a company. This was the thought that brought me to accounting where I could financially help other businessmen throughout the world well finance their assets and liabilities effectively to create a long term company. It could also be a great way to establish great long term relationships with clients everywhere. My family has been working with the same accountant for over 20 years, and we still keep in touch with him on a daily basis. I aspire to establish relationships that strong in the long term throughout my career. With all of this in consideration, accounting in my eyes became what I saw to be the foundation of the business world in terms of communication, and skill set. What would the world be like if there were no accountants to well manage the hundreds and thousands of dollars being spent each and every day by companies throughout the world?

            Accounting will not only be a great job in the future, but it will also be a great learning experience. In the study of accounting, I will take courses learning all the rules and regulations assigned by the government to the point where I would be able to take on any court case because accountants must master the law because law control business. Accounting has and will always broaden my communication skills. This major has forced me in the past to have conversations will high end officials including job recruitment officers, and representatives from the big 5 accounting firms. It also provides ways to explain situations to people in a simple way in order to help them understand the situation just as much as you do. Computer skills are also enhanced in this field; Day by day, accountants organize their data by the usage of Microsoft excel by making separate spreadsheets where graphs, tables, and charts are further used to display data. This makes it easier to explain financial situations to clients who have no prior accounting knowledge. In the past, computers weren’t used in the field and every statement was handwritten. Nowadays, the role of computers has made the life of an accounting much easier and more presentable to those who need a presentation of their financial standings.

            Accounting not only provides a great way to network by helping other business officials run their business, but it also provides lifelong skills that would be applicable in any other field besides accounting. Since the field of accounting correlates to the management of finances which every working person encounters in their working career, I highly recommend that everyone should at least take a couple of intro accounting courses to get a feel for the major so that they will gain the skills to well finance themselves in the long run.