The term STEM subjects refers as an acronym to the subjects of science, technology, engineering, and math. These are considered to be the core subjects in today’s society. People are nowadays pursuing to major in these subjects because of the level of demand that they are a part of. Beforehand, companies across the world were unable to find people who studied the sciences and technology. The situation for to the point where the government had to start funding more money into programs to encourage people to major in STEM subjects. Even so, some students still aren’t convinced into majoring in STEM subjects, so they take a different approach and take a couple of intro courses just to get a feel for the subject. With this, students can still get their feet in the water without having to change their preferred major to the science technology subjects. Some people don’t feel the need to major in STEM subjects but make the argument that just knowing the basics of those subjects in order to survive in the working field and making basic calculations in everyday life such as setting up a payment method.

According to recent statistics in 2013, the average yearly salary for STEM jobs ranges between $55,432 in South Dakota, and $94,536 in District of Columbia. Based on the specific categories of jobs within STEM subjects, the highest paid job is Medical Sciences averaging $154,990 and the lowest paid job is Electrical Engineers averaging $78,810 a year. With this statistic it’s safe to assume that STEM jobs are considered to be high paying jobs where an average college graduate with a bachelors who majors in fields that are not STEM based earn about $39,700 a year. In addition to that, STEM jobs make up 6 percent of the entire United States workforce which may not seem like a big percentage, but it’s making a huge trend in society and will probably increase to a higher percentage in the near future.

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