The United States had planned to Bomb Syria because of their involvement with the production of chemical weapons. This was an attempt to end the civil war in Syria that has lasted about two years. Recently, the Syrian government was accused of violating a human rights act by using Vacuum bombs on local schools which killed 16 innocent people and injured 25 people. It has been said that Vacuum bombs are not listed under the “Prohibition Of Chemical Weapons,” but as long as it is causing harm to people just as severe as a chemical weapon it will be enforced as if it was a chemical weapon due to the harm that it is causing. Russia is involved with this violation because of their involvement in terms of supplying the weapons to Syria because they are Syria’s greatest Ally. Because of this, it could be said that Russia is partially responsible for this, but now they’re complying with the United States to eliminate the chemical weapons in Syria.

             In order to stop this from continuing, the United States had originally planned to bomb Syria, but they decided to approach the problem differently. Last Saturday, Russia and the United States called for an agreement that requires Syrian government to forfeit its list of chemical weapons which includes the quantity of poisonous substances, and its location. If the Syrian president Bashar al-Assad didnt comply with these requests, the United States would have been required to take matters into their own hands. Barack Obama responded to this agreement by stating “If diplomacy fails, the United States remains prepared to act,” which showed his willingness to take drastic measures. Luckily, everyone came to an agreement where the Framework for Elimination of Syrian Chemical Weapons was created where the inspection of Syria’s chemical weapons must be done by mid-November and that all their chemical weapons were to be exterminated by the middle of 2014. Hopefully this has a long term positive effect on the Syrian nation by preventing any further violent activities by the government against its own people.


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