The main issue concerning the debt ceiling is whether we should raise it or not. Republicans are proposing that Obama raises the debt ceiling because of our outstanding debt. If the ceiling is not raised, our government will be unable to meet its obligations of paying off its creditors. Republicans are blaming the implementation of Obama care for this crisis and are making a proposal to the president that Obama care should be delayed otherwise they will shut down the government. They also want to replace Obama care with a sudden increase in taxes. This had placed the president in a tough situation because now he is forced to break one of two laws whether he borrow more money from the people than he is allowed to by raising our taxes, or ignore the debt ceiling completely which is expected to be honored thoroughly. Unfortunately, the situation is now out of Obama’s hands because now the House Of Representatives refuses to pass a continuing resolution without trying to gut Obama care funding and the Senate will not pass the House’s bill. This is going to cause the first shutdown in U.S History since 1995 -1996 which is going to put a lot of government employees out of work.


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