Net Neutrality is the principle that allows a free and open internet to all its users. It exists primarily to expand opportunity for any type of application that may be posted on the internet and to prevent any level of discrimination between any type of website. Overall it protects the internet and keeps it running smoothly and efficiently. The internet nowadays is our main source of information whether it be sports,politics,national and public news as well as daily economics. Information is transported almost every second of every day faster than ever because of Net Neutrality. There are some legislation’s known as PIPA ( Protect IP Act) and SOPA( Stop Online Piracy Act) previously challenged Net Neutrality where they supporters believe that the internet should be highly regulated by the government in order to prevent illegal downloads and pirating in order to protect copyrighted material. Although they have great intentions in protecting copyrights, their acts of regulating the internet would violate our freedom of speech and would be highly costly to hire people to constantly monitor what gets posted online everyday. Therefore, it is a good thing that PIPA and SOPA did not succeed in their attempt because if they did, our nation would never be able to develop because of the limitations that would be placed on our freedom to have access to all kinds of different sites that provide us with endless information.