Outsourcing good or bad?

Outsourcing is a practice that is done by many companies by transferring portions of work to other nations to work instead of having them complete the work internally. The reasoning behind this action is to save money in the long run in order to produce an effective product. With this being said I stand on the position of outsourcing as a great thing. All companies should be looking for ways to produce great products while lowering the amount of costs as much as possible. You also won’t have to deal with as much risk if your employees are being utilized externally instead of internally which is a benefit to management when they are making long term decision. In terms of the workforce, if you outsource workers to a different country, then you will be able to minimize your internal workforce which will cause a long term effect of job efficiency and a closer sense of unity within the employees. Outsourcing to a country in a different time zone would result in a 24 hour productivity level because those employees would be working while the workers in the United States are not and vice versa thus further increasing productivity.

            With all these advantages, there is bound to be some disadvantages and costs to outsourcing. From my perspective, I was referring to those benefits as in the perspective of the business owner seeing this as a great alternative to saving money. If I were the person being outsourced to a different country for example India, I probably wouldn’t be a fan of it because I would have to leave all my family and friends behind to work internationally. On the other hand, working internationally could be seen as a great experience to learn about another culture. On the TV show Outsourced, the main character is outsourced to India as a manager and struggles to adjust to the culture there, but meets someone who is from another country who helps him adjust. In this example, outsourcing worked well in his favor, for other people it may not where families will be broken up, and some people may not adjust nicely to different environments. With all this said, outsourcing is not meaningless to me because it is a major factor in the business world which will hopefully be my future profession. It is a strategy used by most businesses worldwide and has its benefits and costs to it and is most certainly not meaningless to the United States because companies outsource their workers to India in order to save money whether the workers are all for it or against it. With the state of the economy, it isn’t surprising that most U.S companies would take these kinds of alternatives to reduce costs and increase benefits. Although there are some costs to this alternative, I think it is a great experience for not only the company, but for workers everywhere to give them a taste of what it is like to work internationally and almost every worker should gain that experience in the future.


Google Glasses

Google Glasses were originally devised to make life easier through the eyes of the public. For a price of $1,500, it has a lot of benefits to it which includes a navigation system which displays the map of the area which you are located in so that you won’t have to use any other device that you own which may in fact kill the battery life of any smartphone. Another great feature of this device is the ability to receive and view emails/text messages from other people. In order to do this, all that would be needed is to look up after hearing the email/text alert and you can read the email/text easily while on the go and you can even reply to it with the voice recognition. Since it is a device made by Google, it can do basic Google searches which include the weather, and basic searches. It also allows the user to make a schedule of activities they have to do in the future. It also has a 16 GB memory space that doesn’t allow external memory but doesn’t seem to be necessary with that much memory. The power button is easily accessible and the speakers are placed right where your ear is so that you can hear things and say things through the glasses effectively.

Although Google Glasses may have many advantages, it also has its disadvantages. Although there are many features on Google Glasses, it can’t search web pages which can be seen as a high inconvenience for some people. So even though it is a very expensive device, it still sets limitations on the things you can do. Google Glasses cannot be used as a substitute for a smartphone because there are things you can do with a smartphone that you can’t do with Google Glasses like search web pages  In my opinion, the voice recognition system would seem like a cool thing if it didn’t look like you were talking to yourself like this guy does in public. Some people may look that as a cool thing while I view it as an odd activity where people may judge me thinking I am talking to myself in public. I am also not a fan of how easily the glasses can detect where a person is because that can be a privacy issue in terms of surveillance by using the map features to check into certain places. Another main issue is privacy because the glasses make it obvious that you’re using the recording something which as stated in the video may be an issue in certain places such as the bathroom, or a movie theater.

Most people would see the Google Glasses as an evolutionary step forward because it symbolizes one of much great advancement in technology throughout the generation where you can access all applications such voice calls, locations, and camera simply by talking to the glasses. In my opinion, it is only making people more reliant towards technology than before which is shifting us into the wrong direction in the long run. Although advancements in society are considered to be a great thing, there comes to a point where people take advantage of these advancements and depend on them to the extent where they cannot function without them. Google Glasses are a very useful device on terms of having accessibility to camera features and texting features hands free which are the same features a phone can have. The only problem is that it has more disadvantages than advantages for such a high price of $1,500 where the public is being brainwashed into thinking that a device like this is actually worth this kind of money. The glasses can do the same things that a regular smartphone can do but unfortunately some people feel like they have to have the newest device on the market so they will buy it even though some of the features aren’t even necessary especially on someone’s face. I hope that people in the future will come to realize that some advancements in technology just aren’t worth investing in, and to not be as dependent on these advancements as they are nowadays because like people say we will be so dependent on technology that we will fail to use our brains.


Defending my major

Currently, I am a junior accounting student at the University at Albany where I hope to obtain my bachelors and hopefully a master’s degree to become a CPA. Becoming a CPA will open up many doors for me within the corporate world, and will be a safe and stable job in the future. The ability to master finances for not only me, but for other people is in my opinion one of the greatest services that can be done. In the future, I aspire to be a public accountant working in Advisory where I would network with business owners all over the nation teaching them the most effective ways to keep their businesses running financially.

             I come from a long family line of businessmen which includes accounting, finance, real estate, and marketing. They taught me growing up how important it is to have a business degree especially since business is included in every field out there. Business is something that can never be avoided and is something that everyone should have a feel for no matter what their field is. As an adolescent, I was always interested in the business world mostly pertaining to the foundation of how money is distributed throughout a company. This was the thought that brought me to accounting where I could financially help other businessmen throughout the world well finance their assets and liabilities effectively to create a long term company. It could also be a great way to establish great long term relationships with clients everywhere. My family has been working with the same accountant for over 20 years, and we still keep in touch with him on a daily basis. I aspire to establish relationships that strong in the long term throughout my career. With all of this in consideration, accounting in my eyes became what I saw to be the foundation of the business world in terms of communication, and skill set. What would the world be like if there were no accountants to well manage the hundreds and thousands of dollars being spent each and every day by companies throughout the world?

            Accounting will not only be a great job in the future, but it will also be a great learning experience. In the study of accounting, I will take courses learning all the rules and regulations assigned by the government to the point where I would be able to take on any court case because accountants must master the law because law control business. Accounting has and will always broaden my communication skills. This major has forced me in the past to have conversations will high end officials including job recruitment officers, and representatives from the big 5 accounting firms. It also provides ways to explain situations to people in a simple way in order to help them understand the situation just as much as you do. Computer skills are also enhanced in this field; Day by day, accountants organize their data by the usage of Microsoft excel by making separate spreadsheets where graphs, tables, and charts are further used to display data. This makes it easier to explain financial situations to clients who have no prior accounting knowledge. In the past, computers weren’t used in the field and every statement was handwritten. Nowadays, the role of computers has made the life of an accounting much easier and more presentable to those who need a presentation of their financial standings.

            Accounting not only provides a great way to network by helping other business officials run their business, but it also provides lifelong skills that would be applicable in any other field besides accounting. Since the field of accounting correlates to the management of finances which every working person encounters in their working career, I highly recommend that everyone should at least take a couple of intro accounting courses to get a feel for the major so that they will gain the skills to well finance themselves in the long run.

Aaron Swarts founder of reddit

Aaron Swarts (November 8, 1986 – January 11, 2013) was a programmer who could be considered as one of the founders of the internet that we use today making is easily accessible to reach target websites efficiently and effectively. “At 14, Mr. Swartz helped create RSS, the nearly ubiquitous tool that allows users to subscribe to online information. He later became an Internet folk hero, pushing to make many Web files free and open to the public.”(Schwartz 1). When someone is able to do something this extraordinary at such a young age, it was easily determined that something was special about this kid. A few years later, he merged with a company we know as reddit which posts information about popular topics in everyday life. He became known as one of the heroes of the internet after this creation.

Swarts career was pretty much set in stone at this point where he would become successful by sharing information about everyday social activities to the world. Unfortunately, something went terribly wrong. After publishing many posts about the issues that he felt were necessary, the government intervened and pressed charges onto him for providing a way for people to download documents from free library pages using his JSOR account to allow people to use his access through MIT. Even though Swarts had no bad intentions in doing so, the government treated Swarts as a criminal and labeled him as someone who should be labeled as a thief. Although Swarts returned all the documents that he had illegally downloaded, he was faced with a 1 million dollar fine and up to 35 years in prison.  After this occurrence, Swarts fell into a deep depression due to the exhaustion that the trials were causing him and eventually he couldn’t handle it anymore. Swarts committed suicide in order to take away the pain that he had been feeling for so long as well as the illness in his head that had been caused by this phenomenon.

This occurrence brings us back to the issue of what information can be released and what information is restricted to the public. Like Edward Snowden, Aaron Swarts became a victim to the unforgiving laws of the government for expressing the truth about our everyday lives and providing necessary information to the public. Both of these people were treated the same way for doing so by receiving great amounts of punishment. At the end of the day, both of these people can be considered heroes of their generation because they were able to do what everyone else was either afraid to do, or couldn’t do at all. It is just unfortunate that they were mistreated for their actions instead of applauded. This will instill fear into those who wish to follow in Swarts footsteps by creating a website that provides information on topics important in society which will probably have a bad long term effect on the future generation.


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The term STEM subjects refers as an acronym to the subjects of science, technology, engineering, and math. These are considered to be the core subjects in today’s society. People are nowadays pursuing to major in these subjects because of the level of demand that they are a part of. Beforehand, companies across the world were unable to find people who studied the sciences and technology. The situation for to the point where the government had to start funding more money into programs to encourage people to major in STEM subjects. Even so, some students still aren’t convinced into majoring in STEM subjects, so they take a different approach and take a couple of intro courses just to get a feel for the subject. With this, students can still get their feet in the water without having to change their preferred major to the science technology subjects. Some people don’t feel the need to major in STEM subjects but make the argument that just knowing the basics of those subjects in order to survive in the working field and making basic calculations in everyday life such as setting up a payment method.

According to recent statistics in 2013, the average yearly salary for STEM jobs ranges between $55,432 in South Dakota, and $94,536 in District of Columbia. Based on the specific categories of jobs within STEM subjects, the highest paid job is Medical Sciences averaging $154,990 and the lowest paid job is Electrical Engineers averaging $78,810 a year. With this statistic it’s safe to assume that STEM jobs are considered to be high paying jobs where an average college graduate with a bachelors who majors in fields that are not STEM based earn about $39,700 a year. In addition to that, STEM jobs make up 6 percent of the entire United States workforce which may not seem like a big percentage, but it’s making a huge trend in society and will probably increase to a higher percentage in the near future.

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MOOCs Good or Bad

Massive Open Online Courses have recently become a big deal in society. These are free online course available to anyone who wishes to gain knowledge about a particular topic. There’s even a certificate of excellence for completing these courses. Although this may seem like the same thing as an online course, you cannot earn college credit through these courses. This can change higher education by reducing the cost for students making it much more affordable to go to school thus increasing the percentage of students who graduate from universities. They even offer the same flexibility as most universities in terms of classes. According to Finder (2013), “You can audit a course — meaning you don’t take exams or do writing assignments — or you can fulfill all of the requirements to earn a certificate of completion (P. 1).” This goes to show why people would be taking advantage of the opportunity to take a free course with the option to opt out of it if it’s too challenging without any consequences. Many universities have already taken part in this phenomenon such as the University of California, University of Texas, and Georgetown etc. with this; they offer specific courses for a specific time frame with readings, homework, and videos almost like it is a real class. This goes to show how popular MOOCs are becoming nationwide. One example of a MOOC is a technology company called Coursera which has already partnered up with several universities and hopes to link up other companies with the students that take part in the online courses offered by Coursera in order to gain some sort of profit in the future.

Although it may seem like MOOCs are the best thing that has happened to education within the last decade, there are still some flaws in it such as taking away the students interaction and interpersonal skills. According to Fowler (2013) “Staring at a screen makes some students feel isolated and disengaged, which can lead to poor performance or dropping out altogether (P. 1).” This was stated as a fact by the author of an article called An Early Report Card on Massive Open Online Courses where he talks about how it is way too early to be putting our trust in these MOOCs when there are as many flaws within the system as stated. The main argument lies within communication skills between students. The lack of face to face communication is the main reason why online education can never replace college. Statistics show that students who take part in discussions and group activities perform much better than those who just simply answer questions for a few hours. Another downside to MOOCs is the inconvenience for professors in universities. Because of the online style of MOOCs, professors will be forced to change their style of teaching into a video format. According to Newsome (2013) “How does a professor interact with tens of thousands of students? How do students collaborate with classmates thousands of miles away? How do professors evaluate whether students learned the material? How do you prevent cheating? How does anyone make any money on this? These are some of the questions that critics raise (P. 1)”. These were the issues raised by the author in his article MOOCs: Online courses might change face of higher education where he lists the pros and cons towards implementing MOOCs into our system. These inconveniences would place a lot of pressure on the professors teaching the classes and may provide too much flexibility to the students taking part in that course. With this level of difficulty for professors and the classroom environment , it will be tough for MOOCs to truly replicate what we have recognized at as a true college environment.




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United States prevents further bombings in Syria

The United States had planned to Bomb Syria because of their involvement with the production of chemical weapons. This was an attempt to end the civil war in Syria that has lasted about two years. Recently, the Syrian government was accused of violating a human rights act by using Vacuum bombs on local schools which killed 16 innocent people and injured 25 people. It has been said that Vacuum bombs are not listed under the “Prohibition Of Chemical Weapons,” but as long as it is causing harm to people just as severe as a chemical weapon it will be enforced as if it was a chemical weapon due to the harm that it is causing. Russia is involved with this violation because of their involvement in terms of supplying the weapons to Syria because they are Syria’s greatest Ally. Because of this, it could be said that Russia is partially responsible for this, but now they’re complying with the United States to eliminate the chemical weapons in Syria.

             In order to stop this from continuing, the United States had originally planned to bomb Syria, but they decided to approach the problem differently. Last Saturday, Russia and the United States called for an agreement that requires Syrian government to forfeit its list of chemical weapons which includes the quantity of poisonous substances, and its location. If the Syrian president Bashar al-Assad didnt comply with these requests, the United States would have been required to take matters into their own hands. Barack Obama responded to this agreement by stating “If diplomacy fails, the United States remains prepared to act,” which showed his willingness to take drastic measures. Luckily, everyone came to an agreement where the Framework for Elimination of Syrian Chemical Weapons was created where the inspection of Syria’s chemical weapons must be done by mid-November and that all their chemical weapons were to be exterminated by the middle of 2014. Hopefully this has a long term positive effect on the Syrian nation by preventing any further violent activities by the government against its own people.


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Debt Ceiling

The main issue concerning the debt ceiling is whether we should raise it or not. Republicans are proposing that Obama raises the debt ceiling because of our outstanding debt. If the ceiling is not raised, our government will be unable to meet its obligations of paying off its creditors. Republicans are blaming the implementation of Obama care for this crisis and are making a proposal to the president that Obama care should be delayed otherwise they will shut down the government. They also want to replace Obama care with a sudden increase in taxes. This had placed the president in a tough situation because now he is forced to break one of two laws whether he borrow more money from the people than he is allowed to by raising our taxes, or ignore the debt ceiling completely which is expected to be honored thoroughly. Unfortunately, the situation is now out of Obama’s hands because now the House Of Representatives refuses to pass a continuing resolution without trying to gut Obama care funding and the Senate will not pass the House’s bill. This is going to cause the first shutdown in U.S History since 1995 -1996 which is going to put a lot of government employees out of work.


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